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Parental involvement in school develops the partnership between home and school. Learning takes place both inside and outside school. 

It starts when we are born and continues throughout our lives. Recent research has shown that children learn more when parents are involved in their child’s school and we would like to invite you to take part in the learning that takes place in school. We use Logbooks to keep you informed. This contains your child’s timetable, details about when they will need PE kits, their targets, their merits and pages for messages or comments which we hope you will use.

There are many opportunities for parents to get involved in the life of the school.  We are always pleased to see parents in school, to help particularly with reading, offering your skills to the children during various activities, and helping with visits.

The school holds termly parent’s evenings and parents are invited to regular Parents Assemblies.  We regularly send out newsletters with information about coming events, to celebrate achievements or to give you information about the curriculum.

It is important to us that Dennington is welcoming and helpful to parents at all times. Whenever parents want to see a teacher we ask that you contact us via your child, through the logbook or the school office.

Consideration of Complaints

The Trust has established procedures so that the concerns of parents and others about the school curriculum and related matters may be considered and, whenever possible, resolved locally.  In the first instance, particular problems should be referred to the class teacher as they are likely to have the most knowledge of the situation. If this is not possible then the Head of School or Executive Headteacher will endeavour to achieve a satisfactory outcome by informal means - through discussion with appropriate members of staff and the complainant.  If however, the issue cannot be resolved in this way, it may be referred first to a panel of governors of the school and as a last resort to the Trust for formal consideration.  Further details about these procedures may are set out in the complaints policy.


We attach great importance to encouraging positive behaviour and self-discipline.

We emphasise the feeling of a community and pride in our school.  We actively encourage children to show respect, courtesy and kindness to everyone in school.  We have 5 simple rules:

  • Always try to do your best
  • Listen to one another and follow instructions
  • Be ready, be organised
  • Be kind to others and keep each other safe
  • Keep the school tidy and look after all equipment

We believe that good home/school links are vital.  If your child’s behaviour is causing concern at home we would like to be informed.  Likewise, we will contact you if your child’s behaviour becomes problematic at school. We celebrate pupil’s achievements by inviting parents into assemblies when we give out achievement certificates.

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

The school complies with any request for information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and access provision of the Data Protection Act 1998.